Speech Writing

and Public Speaking Coaching

Perhaps you’ve never written a speech before. Perhaps you’ve never given a speech before. Maybe the words just aren’t coming to you. Maybe your nerves are getting the better of you.

I want you to love your speech and deliver it confidently. I want you to be able to give the occasion, whatever it may be, the speech it deserves. I want your audience to be captivated, enraptured, dazzled and to laugh and/or cry at the right points.

Speeches can be hard to write and hard to get right. There is a lot to consider and much depends on the occasion and the intended audience. We’ve all heard speeches; mainly at weddings and funerals but also at birthdays or work events. We’ve all heard people get them right; we’ve been moved, learned something, been inspired or simply enjoyed them. And we’ve all heard people get them wrong; inappropriate or ‘in’ jokes that are not suited to the audience, or overlong or pointless stories that lose the audiences attention.

When you hire me to write your speech it will be unique. I don’t use tired, old clichés, jokes or templates. I talk to you, ask you questions and I listen to you and get a feel for what’s required.

Get in touch to arrange either a face-to-face meeting (this is preferable, where possible for this sort of project) or a video-call to talk about your requirements.


For an additional cost you can also hire me to coach you in your delivery of the speech. This can be done at a face-to-face meeting or via video call.


Short Speech – 3-5 minutes – 400-700 words – £100

Medium Speech – 5-7 minutes – 650-950 words – £150

Longer Speech – 7-10 minutes – 900- 1200 words – £200

Coaching – 30 minute session – £25