Examples of Poetry

Many thanks to those who have agreed to have their poems shared here. Names have been changed as a courtesy.

An Anniversary Poem

My darling I know, 
for you it's been a hard year.
Although happy and proud,
you've shed many a tear.

Our nest it has emptied, 
our children moved out,
and you're left with me;
an old, selfish lout.

I resolve now to change this, 
from now 'til forever,
I want us to try things
we can enjoy together.

So, I've bought us a tandem, 
yes, a bike made for two,
you can go at the front,
to look at the view.

I hope fresh air and exercise, 
will stop you feeling so glum
and I'll be happy on the back, 
where I can look at your bum.

Thank You To Our Pre-School Teachers

For forty years you've been here, 
shaping little minds.
All those who've passed through,
we know it is true, 
say how loving you are and how kind.

You've nursed many bumps and bruises, 
mended quarrels, soothed scrapes.
It's true, what someone said of you, 
not all superheroes wear capes.

Whatever's been going on in your own lives, 
through tragedies, heartaches and stress.
You've still shone with smiles, 
always gone extra miles, 
given more at these times, never less.

Ofsted said you're outstanding
and we couldn't agree more,
as soon as our children arrived, 
we knew they would thrive, 
with the marvellous pre-school four

A Wedding Poem

I thought I'd be your knight in shining armour, 
I thought I'd rescue you from drama, 
I thought I would be the strong one.
That you'd waited for me to come.

But, it turns out, you have rescued me,
you were the one to set me free,
showed me it is not muscles or height,
that scares off demons and makes them take flight.

Yes, you. You are the hero, 
you showed me how to slay my fears. Oh,
yes you. You are the strong one.
All my life I'd waited for you to come.

So I thank you, and right now, as we make our sacred vows,
I promise to remember, from January to December,
how much you've helped me grow.
Daily I will try to show, that I love you so completely,
because you do complete me.

Some Hens Do, Some Hens Don’t

What a risk you're taking!
No, not marrying Sam, 
but choosing me as bridesmaid,
have you forgotten who I am?!

We have been friends for 18 years,
I've got so much dirt on you,
But I'll tell the worst tales here,
(everyone go 'oooh')

I'll save the PG rated stuff,
for the wedding of the year.
But now if every hen is ready,
I'll switch it up a gear.

Age 19, we're on the town, having drunk a lot of wine.
We're having fun and waving at the people in Loch Fyne.
Oh yes we got their attention, as they ate up their moules frites;
We lifted up our tops and flashed them all our tits!

Yes, many of our wild times,
Involve us getting out 'the ladies',
including that time, not long ago,
it got us kicked out of O'Grady's.

On holiday together, in lovely sunny Spain.
Sunbathing on the beach, the boobs came out again.
This time though, I must admit, it wasn't such as scream.
All I can say is 'Ouch!'
We forgot to use sunscreen.

Another holiday story was not such a disaster,
age 15, two boys came up they said 'can we just ask ya?'
'If you'd kiss us?'
'Sure' we said, then as soon as the kiss was done,
they shrugged and switched their places,
so we kissed the other one!

Those boys were not our boyfriends,
but you've had plenty of those too,
including one who wore,
more makeup than you.

Another whose hair allowed him,
to only see out of one eye,
or the one who, after getting fruity,
would always have a cry.
As your friend, I'm happy
that you've chosen to marry Sam,
but that is partly cos he's chosen a really fit best man!